The “Special Need” for Technology

  1. Recognizing your child is “different” from other children.
  2. Struggling with their constant emotional outbursts, sensitivities to food/textures/light, and very specific routines
  3. Spending thousands on different assessments from various professionals to figure out what exactly is “wrong”
  4. Finally getting the correct diagnoses and then having to accept what that means for their future
  5. Let’s not forget, grieving the dreams and expectations you had for that child
  6. Working with your spouse or partner who is going through their own grieving or even denial
  7. Sorting through all the different therapy and schooling options to determine what exactly is best for your child
  8. Picking up extra work and jobs to pay for all the different therapies (speech, occupational, ABA, and special schooling)
  9. Convincing your friends and family that you’re not the worst parent in the world and actually doing your best
  10. Racking up $50,000 or more on therapies a year on your insurance and having to worry that you may lose your job over it




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Stephanie 'Yang' Cheney

Stephanie 'Yang' Cheney

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