It’s Time…

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  1. A richer vault of ideas and thoughts
  2. Quicker problem-solving
  3. Much more well-rounded product that appeals to a larger audience
  4. Higher profits
  5. Better solutions to problems
  1. TODAY, ask them what are some actual steps they are going to take in their company all the way from top leadership down to the hiring process?
  2. Three, six, nine months from now, ask them if they are seeing a change in their company demographic and if their strategies are working? Point is, keep asking.
  3. Ask them, what have you done beyond just entry into the industry for minority groups?
  4. How are minorities and women given opportunities to progress further into management?
  5. Let’s ask for the actual numbers and factual data. What percentage of your company is male versus female or minority? What’s the pay scale for women and men at the same level? What percentage women and minorities are in leadership roles? Let’s demand transparency.
  6. And if you’re in the majority, be intentional. You have a voice and position that others do not. Speak up and speak loud and then put it into action.




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Stephanie 'Yang' Cheney

Stephanie 'Yang' Cheney

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